Our Vision

A safe and healthy North Rockland community where our youth and families are free of tobacco, alcohol and other drug use.

Our Mission

Our goal is to engage, educate and empower our youth, parents, and community to prevent and reduce tobacco, alcohol and other drug use among our youth and young adults. The coalition will create an environment that supports making healthy lifestyle decisions that inspire one’s future.

Get Involved

For more information on how you can support our youth complete the form below.


    Are you a young person who has an interest in helping out your friends? You are not too young to make a difference, in fact you are the #1 expert on being a teenager right now!


    Parents are a critical component of every coalition. You are the expert on your own teen so get involved in the coalition by attending a meeting or join our e-mail list to receive information


    Teachers are an important part of educating our teens about drugs. Help us to keep young people talking and thinking about avoiding these destructive substances.

    Local Business

    Help support our youth by sponsoring an event, donate services or time, be an active part of the solution and show the community you care.


    Athletic coaches have a special relationship with their athletes. You are role models so when you talk to your players and students about the dangers of drugs, the message is more effective because “Coach” is behind those words.


    Anyone who has an interest in protecting our teens are welcome to join us. You can help with a particular strategy, activity or attend meetings and workshops.

    “Talk to Your Kids”

    NRC-DAP News

    Here’s what’s been happening in with NRC-DAP.

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